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The 3D X-ray examination is painless, takes literally a moment and requires no preparation. Thanks to it, the doctor is able to comprehensively assess the condition of the teeth and their structure. Even the most thorough dental examination is not always enough to properly diagnose a patient. Therefore, dentists are increasingly relying on the use of modern technologies, such as 3D radiography, among others. Thanks to 3D imaging, the doctor obtains full information about the dentition in all dimensions. He is even able to see the inside of the teeth and bones, which gives him a comprehensive view of the patient's condition. As a result, the dentist can identify even those problems that are impossible to see during a "standard" examination. At the same time, the 3D image makes it easier for doctors to convey information to patients in an accessible way.
dlaczego warto?

3D X-ray a reliable way to properly diagnose patients

Not every patient problem can be diagnosed during a "standard" dental examination. There are such ailments, the cause of which can be seen only with the use of modern equipment, such as an X-ray machine. 3D X-ray allows you to enter a higher level of patient diagnosis. 3D imaging is particularly important in the diagnosis of periodontal and pulp diseases, as well as inflammation. Thanks to it, making the right diagnosis and finding the most effective treatment becomes much easier!

3D imaging - for whom?

Should every patient have a 3D X-ray during a dental visit? As long as there is nothing wrong with him and the condition of his teeth does not raise any suspicions, it is not required. Often, however, there is a need for a more detailed view of the inside of the teeth, or the patient complains of persistent pain, the origin of which is impossible to identify during a "standard" dental examination. Then a 3D X-ray may be necessary to make a proper diagnosis and find the essence of the problem. It is worth remembering that the examination is painless, and the amount of X-ray radiation, used in dentistry, is really minimal and does not negatively affect the health of patients.
Dental panoramic radiograph:
Cephalometric image:
3D Tomography (CBCT)


Information on the impact of activities carried out by the organizational unit on human health and the environment NZOZ "Z WIEŻY DENTYSTA" 84-120 Władysławowo, Rybacka 8B/U4 St

Legal basis: the Atomic Law Act / Journal of Laws. 2019 item 1792/ in accordance with Article 32c item 2 The entity performs activities related to exposure to ionizing radiation, consisting in:
  • The activation and use of devices that produce ionizing radiation:
- dental point-of-care x-ray machine HELIODENT PLUS
- X-ray panoramic camera with cephalometric attachment ORTHOPHOS XG
  • Commissioning of the laboratory PWIS decision No. 118-HR/Z/P/15 dated 23.10.2015.
Jednostka prowadzi kontrolę narażenia pracowników przy pomocy dawkomierzy indywidualnych- w ciągu minionych 12 miesięcy (od 21.01.2019 do 20.01.2020) zmierzona dawka efektywna wyniosła <6 mSv The unit conducts control of employee exposure using individual dose meters-over the past 12 months (from 21.01.2019 to 20.01.2020) the measured effective dose was <6 mSv The unit performed dosimetric measurements of fixed shielding. Based on the results of the dosimetric measurements and the expected time of exposure to ionizing radiation, it is concluded that under the conditions of normal operation of the x-ray apparatus, in accordance with the principles of radiological protection, the dose limits (in accordance with the Decree of the Council of Ministers on the dose limits of ionizing radiation /Journal of Laws. 2005 no. 20 item 168/ and the Ordinance of the Minister of Health on detailed conditions for safe work with radiological equipment /Dz. U. 2006 No. 180 item 1325/) are not exceeded.
Ordinance of the Council of Ministers on the dose limits of ionizing radiation /Journal of Laws 2005 item 168/- the permissible value of exposure to ionizing radiation is:
  • employees: 20 mSv/year;
  • general population: 1 mSv/year.
  • Based on the measured and calculated doses, it is concluded that the activities in the past 12 months have not had a negative impact on human health and the environment.
  • Laboratory does not release radioactive substances into the environment.

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