What field of medicine is described by implantology? What is an implant and who may use it? These questions are very frequent in peoples’ minds when they want to restore their dentition. Below, there are a few words on implantology offered, among the others, in the office From Tower in Władysławowo, which may turn out helpful during the selection of the treatment method.

Implantology is a modern field of dentistry which deals with restorations in dentition. Unfortunately nowadays, despite the dynamically developing dentistry, a large number of patients still lose their teeth due to caries, periodontal diseases or traumas. Prophylaxis is the most efficient form of avoiding loss in dentition, unfortunately sometimes it is too late to make any effort. The implants used in implantology most accurately imitate a natural tooth.
An Implant is a tiny screw substituting the dental root, most often made of titanium and fixed to the jaw and mandibular bone. Due to the ability of an implant to merge to the bone tissue it can substitute a lost dental root. A connector, which is the basis for a crown, is screwed to the implant. The crown is selected in respect of shape and colour, so it resembles the remaining natural dentition, which is why no attention is attracted and it has the appearance of a natural tooth.

The implants are of use when we lack one, a few or all teeth. It is a more comfortable solution than a bridge of prosthesis because there is no need to put it out and clean. Also, the teeth next to it are not being damaged as in the case of the prosthetic bridge where the adjacent, completely healthy teeth are grinded.

In the interest of an esthetic smile of each of you

We invite those of you who are determined to wear an implant for an appointment in the office From Tower located in Władysławowo. Experienced prosthetists will assist you in the selection of individually adjusted method of dentition restoration, and take care of your esthetic smile.

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A beautiful smile is something that makes others perceive us as neat, well-groomed, trustworthy people.


Prevention is the most effective form of avoiding missing teeth, unfortunately, sometimes it is too late for that.


Treatment and extraction of teeth under anesthesia allows for a fully healthy mouth in patients.


Dental prosthodontics deals with the replacement of missing teeth and the reconstruction of damaged teeth.

crowns and veneers

A beautiful, white smile gives you more confidence and helps you succeed. It can be achieved, among other things, through aesthetic medicine or ortholift procedures.




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