What is general anesthesia/anesthesia?

  • General anesthesia abolishes the awareness of feeling pain throughout the body. The patient remains in a sleep-like state from the beginning to the end of general anesthesia.
  • Anesthesia can be performed using drugs administered intravenously (intravenous general anesthesia), using anesthetic gases and vapors administered through a face mask/endotracheal tube (inhalational general anesthesia), or using both methods together (combined general anesthesia).
  • During anesthesia, oxygen and anesthetic are administered through an endotracheal tube, which is inserted after the patient falls asleep. It provides a high degree of safety for artificial respiration and protects the lungs from the consequences of vomiting. In some cases, the mucous membrane of the throat ( scratchy feeling, sore throat) and larynx (temporary hoarseness) may be irritated during intubation.
Do not take food for a minimum of 6 hours
Don't drink milk, artificial milk mixes, yogurts, thick fruit juices, etc.
for at least 6 hours before the operation
You can drink water or tea
Up to 2 hours before anesthesia

not exceeding
200 ml, and for children weighing less than 20 kg in an amount not exceeding 10 ml per kilogram of body weight

Anesthesia/general anesthesia for what, for whom?

Treatment and removal of teeth under anesthesia allows patients to achieve a fully healthy mouth and is dedicated to:
  • people with dentophobia ( panic fear of the dentist, where the anxiety felt before a visit is often so great that it prevents therapy, which the patient constantly delays),
  • disabled patients,
  • people struggling with certain conditions, where conscious treatment is not feasible, children with neglected teeth, in whom a visit to the dentist causes crying and anxiety,
  • people with the need to simultaneously treat a large number of cavities that threaten the health of a toddler or adult, people with cases of certain mental illnesses that make it difficult to cooperate with the patient.

Treatment of teeth under anesthesia - price.

The price of treatment under general anesthesia ( anesthesia ) depends on its duration and the type of procedures performed in the patient's mouth. It is determined individually after a dental examination at a qualifying visit.

It includes:

1. price of performing anesthesia, general anesthesia (see price list)

2. the price of medical procedures that will be simultaneously performed on the anesthetized patient (see price list)

Narcosis makes it possible to treat ALL your teeth at once.

During a single general anesthesia, which can last up to several hours, conservative treatment ( placement of fillings ), endodontic ( root canal treatment ) or surgical ( removal of teeth under anesthesia, placement of implants ) is carried out.
The number of procedures and treatment time are individually determined for each patient. Prior to the procedure itself, it is important to make a proper diagnosis in order to develop the best possible plan for treating teeth under anesthesia.

During the procedure, not only a dentist ( sometimes several dentists of different specialties ) and a dental assistant are present in the room, but also an anesthesiologist, an anesthesia nurse, who watch over the proper course of general anesthesia.

We treat our patients professionally and safely under anesthesia.

Properly qualified personnel (check: Team From the Tower Dentist) with the right anesthesia facilities, specialized equipment with which to perform anesthesia and monitor vital functions.

Success in the treatment process is the close cooperation of the "From the Tower Dentist" Team and the patient's commitment to fulfilling all recommendations.

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A beautiful smile is something that makes others perceive us as neat, well-groomed, trustworthy people.


Prevention is the most effective form of avoiding missing teeth, unfortunately, sometimes it is too late for that.


Treatment and extraction of teeth under anesthesia allows for a fully healthy mouth in patients.


Dental prosthodontics deals with the replacement of missing teeth and the reconstruction of damaged teeth.

crowns and veneers

A beautiful, white smile gives you more confidence and helps you succeed. It can be achieved, among other things, through aesthetic medicine or ortholift procedures.




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