A positioner appliance most often brings to mind young people – children or teenagers. Recently, however, more and more often do we find the adults wearing dental positioners. This is partly due to the tendency for esthetic appearance regardless of the age, and partly due to the fact that teeth show a man. A lovely smile makes others see us well-groomed, trustworthy people. The number of patients willing to undergo the teeth straightening treatment increases every day, even though the National Health Fund provides no refund for the adults. If, however, we did not visit the orthodontist in our childhood and now, when we have such opportunity, it is worth taking it as it is not about beaty entirely – straightening of teeth has a positive health impact and may prevent from more serious dental and chirurgic surgeries in the future. Wearing a positioner appliance can protect us from crowding of teeth, gum diseases, caries, and even loss of teeth.
We invite all the adults who consider undergoing the teeth straightening treatment, to visit our office From Tower in Władysławowo. Orthodontics at the highest level and sense of comfort during the appointment – guaranteed.
Orthodontics for everyone – regardless of age

Who can undergo an orthodontic treatment? Is age an obstacle in building a lovely smile? It is true that the period of treatment in adult patients is longer and the process itself more difficult than in teenagers. The best moment for an appointament at the orthodontist is 8 – 12 years of age, but there is no upper limit at all – teeth can be straightened at any age. The orthodontist should be seen, in particular by the adults with crowding of teeth or gaps between teeth, assymetry of smile, gnashing or excessive grinding of teeth. Straightening of teeth is recommended in case of masticatory apparatus disorders. In mature persons the process of teeth straightening is sometimes preceded by prosthetic procedures.
In case of the adults, the treatment consists simply in mounting a fixed appliance composed of locks, arcs and ligatures. There are different types of positioner appliances – metal, ceramic, crystal – available on the market. They differ in prices and, what is essential for some people, visibility. Many adults fear others – partner, family, colleagues at work, the environment – opinions on the presence of a positioner appliance in their mouth. Therefore, some of the avilable appliances are very discreet. One option is a transparent appliance which can be taken out for eating or at parties. Among the appliances which do not have to be removed completely, there are indiscernible lingual braces fixed to the back of the teeth.

Durability and stabilty in straightening teeth depend largely on the use of retainers (removable) which must be worn some time after the fixed appliance has been finally removed. They protect the straight arrangement of teeth, prevent from recurrence. Thus, continuity of effects depends largely on the observance of the dentist’s recommendations. The whole process of the orthodontic treatment of an adult lasts from 2 to 5 years, depending on the malocclusion.
In conclusion, orthodontic treatment is not just a whim to improve one’s appearance, but may also significantly contribute to the improvement of our health and state of being. Despite the cost and effort, it is worth to sacrifice oneself, as orthodontic treatment today may supersede the prosthetic treatment tomorrow.
The orthodontic office in Władysławowo

The orthodontist from Władysławowo who see patients in the office From Tower invites all adults interested in straightening their teeth for esthetic or health purposes. Thanks to their experience he/she will be able to select a suitable solution for each of you.

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A beautiful smile is something that makes others perceive us as neat, well-groomed, trustworthy people.


Prevention is the most effective form of avoiding missing teeth, unfortunately, sometimes it is too late for that.


Treatment and extraction of teeth under anesthesia allows for a fully healthy mouth in patients.


Dental prosthodontics deals with the replacement of missing teeth and the reconstruction of damaged teeth.

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A beautiful, white smile gives you more confidence and helps you succeed. It can be achieved, among other things, through aesthetic medicine or ortholift procedures.




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