Teeth whitening

White teeth are everyone’s dream. Happy are those who have been endowed with a snow-white smile and who have not been troubled with esthetics of their teeth. There are also those who want to undergo a teeth whitening treatment due to different reasons. At least a few methods are available, and not each of them requires an appointment at the dentist, which can be a challenge for many people. There is no doubt that only a highly-qualified specialist is able to perform the treatment, achieving satisfactory results. The specialist equipment and appropriate, constant development of the dentist’s skills, guarantee reliable results and satisfaction of the Patient.

Teeth whitening methods

The office From Tower in Władysławowo specializes in teeth whitening by use of two methods, one of which will be selected by a dentist to adjust to your expectations.

First of them consists in applying trays. So, the appointment will be necessary mostly for taking teeth impressions by which it is possible to match the trays to the teeth’s shape and structure. To obtain the effect of a white smile, the trays worn on the teeth (four hours a day are sufficient to discover a change) should be lubricated with a proper gel. The period of the trays application will be determined individually by the doctor during an appointment.

The second whitening method is a bit more expensive but porduces much better effects. This treatment consists in covering the teeth with a gel, and then lightening it by use of proper lamps. The active substance penetrates through the enamel into the dentine, which allows to maintain the effect of white teeth up to two years. The efficiency of this treatment may be increased by leading a healthy lifestyle. The dentist will give you professional advice, determining the products which should be avoided, due to their adverse effect on the colour of your teeth.

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A beautiful smile is something that makes others perceive us as neat, well-groomed, trustworthy people.


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