Lovely, white smile provides more self-confidence and aids the achievement of success. The smile can be reached by esthetic medicine treatments or the ortholifting, among the others.

By the application of modern treatments of esthetic dentistry in the office DENTIST FROM TOWER, the experts are able to help in the creation of truly lovely smile, using dental and medical procedures:
  • teeth whitening;
  • scaling with sandblasting, crowns
  • composite and porcelain veneers;
  • dental braces.

What is a veneer?

Different types of fillings cannot be used only for the improvement of our appearance and well-being. Apart from embelishment, each of them serves as a protective measure. These treatments include veneers. What is a veneer? A veneer is a thin plate made of ceramics, porcelain or composite materials (the latter is applied temporarily) fixed to the tooth surface from its anterior (labial) side. Thinking of veneers, we have in mind the improvement of our appearance in the first place. Veneers are a good lead. If properly taken care of, they are durable, cause no harm to the teeth, are not subject to discoloration. Proper hygiene will guarantee long-term use of them. They can be 0.4-0.8 mm thick. The thicker ones are applied for improvement of different malocclusions. Composite veneers are fixed at a single appointment but the more durable ones required longer time for preparation. The veneers remain slightly translucent (transparent) therefore it is good to undergo other esthetic treatments, such as whitening.

What for veneers are and for whom?

Teeth are getting whiter and straighter. The veneers are used mostly for aesthetics but for protection of teeth as well. It is acknowledged that they are helpful in case of too large gaps between teeth, due to their ability to improve the teeth’s shape. They can be used when our own teeth are too short, a tooth breaks off and have visible fracture or there are fillings (dental restorations) which vary from the color of the tooth itself. They are supportive not only in teeth treatment but also used for a longer period of time, contributing to the general improvement of their condition. Significant contraindications are the habit of very intensive ganshing, not sufficient thickness of the natural enamel or a serious malocclusion. In dentistry, the veneers are considered fillings, little invasive, in comparison to other techniques, though it does not mean that they do not affect teeth entirely. During the preparation for the treatment, 3-30% of the tooth tissue can be removed. It is best to fix the veneers to healthy teeth which did not have to undergo serious treatments. Preparation of a tooth determines the durability of the veneer deposition and the effect obtained by the process. But a substitute has already come into existence – veneers fixed to a whole tooth, barely 0.2 mm thick. They are fixed without grinding.


The remaining techniques for esthetic fillings are crowns, that is ceramic trays on teeth covering them completely. They are used when a tooth has been seriously damaged and looks unesthetic. As in the case of veneers, a tooth must be grinded, unfortunately to significantly higher degree. The crown not only recreates the natural look of the tooth but also strenghtens it.

Inlay and onlay

In order to improve the appearance of teeth, ceramic fillings can be applied on the “top” of the tooth in so called cusps, determined as inlay and onlay. Those fillings are applied in case of large cavities in the teeth, because they allow to reconstruct the tooth without the application of more invasive methods.

Veneers and crowns guarantee the improvement of our appearance and the opportunity to enjoy our own teeth for a longer time.

Recommended services


A beautiful smile is something that makes others perceive us as neat, well-groomed, trustworthy people.


Prevention is the most effective form of avoiding missing teeth, unfortunately, sometimes it is too late for that.


Treatment and extraction of teeth under anesthesia allows for a fully healthy mouth in patients.


Dental prosthodontics deals with the replacement of missing teeth and the reconstruction of damaged teeth.

crowns and veneers

A beautiful, white smile gives you more confidence and helps you succeed. It can be achieved, among other things, through aesthetic medicine or ortholift procedures.




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