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At the Z Wieża office, which also offers professional dental services to residents of Jastrzębia Góra, you will find the help you need. Ad hoc, when there is a sudden pain, as well as comprehensive, including treatment with X-ray diagnostics. We also act as an emergency dental service, responding to patients' urgent needs. As an experienced team of dentists with a variety of specialties, we make sure that every patient is under the care of professionals who care not only about the effectiveness of treatment, but also their comfort.
We provide the proposed services only privately. This allows us to reach a wider audience requiring the professional care that only a good dentist can provide. So, if you need emergency care or are looking for more specialized services offered by a qualified orthodontist, among others - you'll get what you want at the Z Wieża office.

Dentistry for the residents of Jastrzębia Góra

Although we are based in Wladyslawowo, we are also open to patients from Jastrzebia Gora. Each of our dentists is a professional who is constantly developing to offer you top-notch treatment services. Thanks to the wide specialization of doctors, we provide treatments in the field of conservative dentistry, as well as dental surgery, among others. The team at the From the Tower office also includes experienced orthodontists and prosthodontists. Accurate treatment is not without good diagnostics - we have modern equipment, including an X-ray laboratory that allows us to accurately determine the problem and its extent.

Dentist Jastrzębia Góra

We also make sure to encourage the youngest patients to use dental services. We create a friendly atmosphere so that children remember the dentist as a doctor who brings help and doesn't need to be feared. We also show them how to take proper care of their oral hygiene.
We also know how much a nice smile means. That's why patients have a choice of services to brighten it up and make it pleasing to both its owner and those around him. Among the treatments offered, veneers and teeth whitening are available.
So, if you are looking for dental assistance privately, we encourage you to take a look at the presented offer. We will also be happy to provide answers regarding the services provided.




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